Spirals Of Destiny



Spirals of Destiny™ is an angelic vibrational tool that enables you to identify, achieve and live your perfect life.

Your soul came here with a mission. If you feel a lack of purpose, your mission has been buried by the limiting beliefs and traumatic experiences that have accumulated during your life. The Spirals of Destiny program will help you discover and connect you to your soul’s purpose, clear limiting beliefs that may have prevented you from achieving your goals up until now, and will align your vibration with the manifestation of your destiny.

This intensive live online course takes place over the during a single month and includes:

  •  An opening session with Kelly and the Angel Raphael
  • · Three, hour long, personal, one-on-one sessions with Cayce Kolodney covering the processes of Clarity, Clearing and Creating. During the three sessions Cayce facilitates your journey to:
  • · Gain Clarity of your life’s purpose
  • · Clear vibrational obstacles that have kept you from fulfilling that purpose
  • · Create the vision and vibrational circumstances to manifest your personal destiny
  • · A long weekend of three live online classes:
  • · Friday night – channeled introduction from the Angel Raphael about the Spirals of Destiny vibrational tools
  • · Saturday – 4 hour long class covering ceremonial work to release ancestral limiting beliefs through the Ancestral Release Spiral of Destiny process
  • · Sunday – 4 hour long class covering ceremonial work to use the Creation Spiral of Destiny to align your vibration with the manifestation of your clear intentions of your soul’s purpose
  • · The Angel Raphael will provide each class member with a personalized message to help guide you on your way to achieving your destiny.
  • · Personalized 30 minute vibrational manifestation meditation guided by The Angel Raphael to accelerate and anchor the achievement of your life’s purpose.


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